We’ve worked with lots of great people over the years. Here’s what just a few have had to say about Full Potential Investments.

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We just started our lease option agreement and can’t wait to complete this program. Every step so far has been thoroughly explained to my husband and I and we look forward to continuing this ongoing relationship with Full Potential Investments.

Ashton & India Johnson

I have learned so much working with the Full Potential team. I am finally a homeowner and this would not have happened so smoothly had I had Alisha to help me through the whole process. – Thanks!

Charlotte Jennings

Thank you for being willing to teach me about this way of selling my house. I really thought I had to sell with a realtor or get on Zillow and post my house as a for sale by owner property. You gave me exactly what I wanted to make for my house and we’re so professional throughout the entire process which only took about 11 days. Thanks again! I will be referring you to everyone I know.

Shara Wallace

I’ve worked with investors before and had reservations about doing so again but I’m glad I did. Alisha was very professional and transparent about the entire process, which I greatly appreciated. More investors should operate as she does in order to gain more trust from us skeptics. Thanks again.

Jacqueline Jones